Fonging is gathering with others as they tap on an oven rack attached to strings tied to fingers that are stuck in your ears, and listening to the primal sounds of the universe.

Fonging brings us together in laughter, and is much more sane than war.


Fonging For The World

by Jefferson Glassie

Author Bio

Jefferson Glassie

Jefferson Glassie has been studying and writing about concepts of peace for some thirty years. His books include Peace and Forgiveness, Heaven is Everywhere, and his new book and foray into fiction, Fonging for the World (which might also be called Five Easy Steps to Peace through Fonging), which has been made into a full soundtrack audiobook and a solo narrated audiobook of the same title read by Roy ‘ Futureman’ Wooten.

In addition to writing, Jeff is an attorney in Washington, DC representing nonprofit organizations. He has written and spoken extensively on nonprofit legal issues.

Jeff lives in Maryland outside Washington DC and plays guitar. He is also the chief spiritual dude of the Planetary Gigs Society.

Fonging For The Soul

by Erasmus Caffery

“Fonging For The Soul” Reviews

“The very simplicity of fonging lends credence to the theory that it is THE path to perfection. Once you’ve tried it for yourself, you’ll want to share your testimony with everyone – co-workers (during those deadly conference calls), in-laws (it beats talking to them), and even friends (get closer than you ever imagined). This book really can change your life!”

– Deborah Adams, Curled Up With A Good Book

“[an] excellent book … , which delves into the co(s)mically spiritual practice of hanging an oven rack from your fingers and then sticking said fingers into your ears while others tap the rack with kitchen utensils.”

– Washington Post

Author Bio

Erasmus Caffery 

Behind many serious writers lurks an alter ego. Some of the finest writers of the past three hundred years are cloaked in a nom de plume…a scientist writing of romance, a historian of aliens and in this case, a well-respected lawyer who has published books on nonprofit organizations, imagining a world where families and friends make music and laughter with a how-to book on the art of Fonging.

Who is to say what part of this biography is attributed to the actual man behind the name or to Erasmus himself? Who is to say where one begins and another ends?

What we can tell you is that the father of Fonging, Erasmus Caffery, was born and bred in the Washington D.C. environs. He went to college in Virginia and law school in the District and now is a partner at one of its most respected law firms. He can play a mean acoustic blues harmonica. He’s been raising three children. His wife is his partner in publishing as well.

All around Caffery are swirling the powerful forces that that blow through the nation’s capital, where politics, greed and philandering combine into a heady mix of influences, while he muses on the lack of humanity, and a yearning for a more perfect and peaceful world…

Caffery emerged from a mid life crisis relatively unscathed but with a passion to write. And he got it done.

In addition to bringing Fonging to the world, he cares about preserving both the islands in the bay and the history of African American music.

Walking the streets of D.C., he is cleverly disguised as a Washington insider. You will not recognize him among the hoards of roving lawyers, except perhaps for the faint sound of a quiet Fong, as he passes you by.

Caffery is on the road to becoming the next urban legend.

Erasmus Caffery on the planetary Gig Talk Podcast

Erasmus Caffery was interviewed about fonging by Jefferson Glassie in the Planetary Gig Talk podcast. It is a very enlightening podcast interview, with Glassie asking some very poignant questions, as if he has somesort of unique relationship to both fonging and Erasmus.

Healing sounds of the universe

The next Fonging thing: Interview with Erasmus Caffery Fong Master

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